A Difficult Start to 2022 for Stock Markets

As you’ll be aware, stock markets around the world have started the year in the red. Dominated by fears that central banks could tighten monetary policy soon and aggressively, we have seen a significant sell off in markets, particularly in high-growth stocks. Fears of central bank tightening being aggressive is only one part of it. […]

2022 Investment Outlook

Last year was a roller coaster ride for markets and we’re preparing for 2022 to be every bit as eventful, particularly from an investor’s perspective. There are three key factors that will influence financial markets and the investments our investment managers may look to make. These are economic growth, inflation and interest rates. To help […]

Stock spotlight – Three interesting stories in 2021

Stock spotlight – Three interesting stories in 2021 There are always opportunities for active investors regardless of the economicenvironment. We look at three companies selected by our fund managers thathave performed well so far in 2021. Learn More

Why it Pays to Stay Invested

Why it Pays to Stay Invested Investing in stock markets can sometimes be unnerving, particularly when there isnegative news flow all around us. We explore why it’s important to ignore the noiseand invest for the long term. Learn More

July 2021 Market Update

Almost fully open for business June saw a delay to the planned reopening of UK business and services, a drop in unemployment and some promising world economic news. Read Full Update

How can you protect your portfolio from the next financial ‘bubble’?

Protecting your Portfolio from the next Financial Bubble So far this year we’ve seen bitcoin’s value reach record highs and then plummet,while thousands of first-time investors have lost money on GameStop shares.We explore the dangers of investing in speculative assets and what you can do toprotect yourself from a bubble. Learn More

April Market Update

April was a positive month for the major European and US equity markets.   Monthly performance to end of April 2021 FTSE 100 (UK) +3.8% Dow 30 (US) +2.7% Euro Stoxx 50 (Europe) +1.4% Nikkei 225 (Japan) -1.3% In terms of currency, £ Sterling ended April at 1.38 US Dollars.  This was 0.3% higher than […]

February 2021 Market Update

The major global equity markets were all positive during the month of February despite a difficult last week caused by concerns over the rise in United States 10-year Treasury yields.  It is up more than 50 basis points since the year began.    Monthly performance to end of February 2021 FTSE 100 (UK) +1.2% Dow […]

2020 Quarter 4 Prufund Update

Quarterly update from M&G Prudential regarding PruFund (Q4 2020) Summary A good quarter for most asset classes within PruFund portfolios Risk assets rise strongly on positivity of vaccine news and the expectation that economies return back to normal some time in 2021 Pfizer/BioNTech achieve the milestone of getting their vaccine approved by the FDA first […]

January 2021 Market Update

January 2021 Market Update After a very positive start to the year for global equity markets, the last week of January was extremely volatile caused by retail investor involvement in the United States with stocks like GameStop. Incredibly, GameStop short sellers are down nearly US$20 billion, according to data from S3 Partners. GameStop shares closed […]