How might rising interest rates affect your mortgage?

How might rising interest rates affect your mortgage? The Bank of England has raised interest rates which means bigger mortgage bills for some homeowners. Since December 2021 the Bank of England raised interest rates from 0.1% to 1.25% to combat soaring inflation. This move will have a knock-on effect as mortgage lenders raise interest rates […]

Start of the tax year checklist

Start of the tax year checklist The new tax year on 6 April 2022 is a great time to review your finances. The new tax year means annual allowances are reset and ready to be reused – to help you make the most of your money. This year more than ever, with interest rates and […]

Spring Budget Highlights

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a limited package of support to help ease the cost-of-living crisis but resisted calls to scrap the planned National Insurance hike. To read more, click the button below: Read More

Junior ISA’s

In the Autumn Budget in 2021, it was revealed that the Junior ISA spending limits would remain at £9,000 for the 2022/2023 tax year. The JISA limit was last changed in early 2020, when it was doubled from £4,500 to its current level. JISA and CTFs both benefit JISAs replaced Child Trust Funds (CTF) in […]

A Difficult Start to 2022 for Stock Markets

As you’ll be aware, stock markets around the world have started the year in the red. Dominated by fears that central banks could tighten monetary policy soon and aggressively, we have seen a significant sell off in markets, particularly in high-growth stocks. Fears of central bank tightening being aggressive is only one part of it. […]

2022 Investment Outlook

Last year was a roller coaster ride for markets and we’re preparing for 2022 to be every bit as eventful, particularly from an investor’s perspective. There are three key factors that will influence financial markets and the investments our investment managers may look to make. These are economic growth, inflation and interest rates. To help […]

Do I really need a survey?

Do I really need a survey? Well, the short answer is yes. Contrary to costs such as legal fees, estate agency fees or Stamp Duty, having your new home surveyed isn’t actually compulsory. However, with a property being the most expensive thing most of us will ever buy, the price of not having it checked […]

Autumn Budget Highlights

In Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s second financial statement this year, there werefew surprises as he looks to fix the economy following the pandemic. With inflation climbing and interest rate rises on the horizon, Britain isat a critical period in terms of its economic future. Multiple lockdownscaused the UK economy to slump by 10% while the government […]

How to make ISAs work for you

How to make ISAs work for you Make the most of your tax allowances by using the different types of ISAs that are available.Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) were first introduced in 1999 and are a tax-free way to save into a cash savings or investment account. There lots of different types of ISA available, but […]

Stock spotlight – Three interesting stories in 2021

Stock spotlight – Three interesting stories in 2021 There are always opportunities for active investors regardless of the economicenvironment. We look at three companies selected by our fund managers thathave performed well so far in 2021. Learn More